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High Five
It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to, a platform for open innovation and collaboration between Fintechs, banks, students, independent developers, system integrators, consultants and more. Hackathon Hackathon
Get a glimpse into what went down during a recent Hackathon hosted by Finastra for some of our fintech partners.

Liberating the legacy generation

Most financial services companies are still immersed in legacy. Why is this and how can businesses go about making the shift to cloud-native and customer-centric applications?

You say B2C, I say B2B

From banking to investment management to insurance, institutional and corporate customers seem to be more poorly served by fintech than their retail and consumer counterparts. We look at why many fintechs should instead focus on the B2B market

Asset managers look to APIs for innovation

As regulatory requirements, investors’ demands and disruptive threats all increase, asset managers are under pressure to be more innovative users of technology. APIs could hold the key.

A collaborative approach spells opportunity for all

Why open technologies are the way forward in financial services, and how the collaborative community enabled by supports legacy as well as unprecedented levels of innovation.

Open Banking APIs need standards

A deep dive into the Open Banking API specifications and data standards reveals there is still work to do.