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Quarterly product update

As spring arrives, Finastra is delighted to announce that we are moving into the next phase of our API solutions. In March, we launched on, the open innovation platform, 26 APIs to extend business the functionality of Fusion Essence, our flagship core banking solution.

The first phase of our API launch with FusionStore saw us develop our digital shop to enable banks to easily access hundreds of apps through our marketplace and consume the very latest fintech solutions.

These APIs enable fintechs and start-ups globally, with innovative product ideas that provide simple, easy to use and understand solutions, that are customer centric.

Phase two, brings a second generation of APIs to our proposition. These will have a much broader scope, and will dive deeper into the back-end processes and specific needs of banks, increasing their ability to compete in the marketplace.

Surf the new wave

The new wave of APIs, coming to our developer portal FusionCreator, will provide cloud first, digitally enabled, next generation, core banking solutions to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency.

These sophisticated and powerful new generation APIs will be used by more established tech companies, with much stronger process and sector knowledge. Integrated products will include a variety of banking as a service solutions, full customer on-boarding, limits management, documents management, day-end processes, bank staff management, interbank payment enquiries, tax configuration, transaction screening, signatures management, etc.

The APIs are used by banks in a Cloud first approach, to easily integrate with Apps from our marketplace, but are not limited to that. These APIs deliver our commitment to open our products and solutions, and provide to our customers an easy to use access to all data and services. Financial Institutions can use the APIs not only with our marketplace, but also to integrate with their own applications and other systems, and they can also use the APIs and the platform technology in the context of on-premise integration, without any strict requirement to operate on Cloud.

They are publicly available on FusionCreator, the developer portal for Finastra’s open innovation platform:

The subsequent iteration of APIs to be launched on FusionCreator will be Fusion Phoenix, which will provide services for the US banking sector.

And along with new solutions for our retail sector, we will also be expanding our lending products and capital markets solutions through this next generation of added value APIs.

To find out more, you can reach the team at, through your account manager, or via our Contact Us page.

As the Head of Product Management for, Gregory is responsible for defining the vision, strategy and roadmap of Finastra’s open innovation platform. Gregory joined the platform team in 2019 as a development lead, to accelerate the development of Open APIs across all lines of business within Finastra. Prior to joining the Platform team, Gregory has held multiple roles throughout his 16 years at Finastra, including leading development for the commodities trading systems, joining the Fusion Invest team as a Senior Product Manager, and overseeing the delivery centers for the Global Services organization. Gregory holds a PhD. in Mathematics and web ranking algorithmics.

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