Best practices for the LIBOR transition in loans and lending (Webinar)

The LIBOR deadline is fast approaching and lending professionals need to make sure they are ready for the life after LIBOR. They need to continue to oversee and manage legacy LIBOR-based loan transactions, whilst ensuring optimal pricing and availability of best-in-class products for clients. Critical to this is developing and calculating Alternative Reference Rates (ARR) or Risk- Free Rates (RFR) effectively while managing clients’ expectations and operational hurdles.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn techniques and methodologies to successfully transition your lending portfolios from LIBOR while minimizing risk and ensuring optimal pricing.

Learning Objectives:

  • The latest LIBOR developments: Hard and soft deadlines
  • Methodologies to incorporate ARR/RFR into loan calculations
  • Legacy contracts and systems: Managing the transition
  • Steps to successfully lend after LIBOR

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