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September 2020

Developer Newsletter - Sept 2020
This month we are taking a break from talking about new features and new APIs, to focus on existing and upcoming opportunities to build with FusionFabric.cloud APIs.

August 2020

Developer Newsletter - August
As we continue to add more functionality to Finastra’s developer portal, we are also building some fun UX features! No developer portal is complete without a dark mode, so we’ve added one.

July 2020

Developer Newsletter - July  2020
Want to assess market demand for your app? App Lab is our dedicated section on FusionStore to showcase apps undergoing development to our client base of 8,500 financial institutions. Where we see positive market traction and demand from financial institutions, we will work with you to help fast-track your integrations and app launch.

June 2020

Developer Newsletter - June
This month we welcome 3 new fintech apps to FusionStore! Vector Risk is the first to go live using our new dataset capability, offering a complete FRTB solution for FusionOpics. For corporate banking we welcome Active.ai and Floatbot to our ecosystem; offering conversational banking to corporates on mobile, web, WhatsApp and Skype.

May 2020

Developer Newsletter - May
In May 2019 we launched FusionFabric.cloud at our FusionONE developer conference with 60 open APIs available. A year on we have expanded to over 100 open APIs; introduced new capabilities like SPIs and datasets; and have seen partners launch products into the marketplace - FusionStore.

April 2020

Developer Newsletter - April
This month we’ve got the addition of SPIs to our APIs in FusionFabric.cloud. And we also have some inspiration on how our APIs can be used alongside natural language processing (NLP) to create new experiences in your email client.

March 2020

Developer Newsletter - March
March has been an interesting month across the world, and we hope you are all staying safe and well. The FusionFabric.cloud team at Finastra are dedicated to ensuring we remain innovating at pace and continue adding new APIs and features!

February 2020

Developer Newsletter - February
2020 is in full swing and we have more APIs and features to announce! Plus, we are expanding our developer communities across the world.

January 2020

Developer Newsletter - January
Happy New Year! The FusionFabric.cloud team here at Finastra are excited to continue your journey with us as you build on our platform. We have lots planned for our developer community this year, so we are introducing this monthly newsletter to bring you the latest information; from new APIs to new functionality.

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