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Introducing our on-premises gateway

Back in March, a major tier one bank was an early adopter of our new on-premises gateway, and the product was so successful that we were able to roll it out globally in May.

The gateway facilitates access to the cloud for our on-premise customers. Banks can now use their own network, but benefit from the flexibility of a cloud solution while maintaining on-premise data security.  

For those enterprise banks who have their own data center and cannot share this data outside the group, perhaps due to regulatory constraints, this could be a major change to their business. It means that users do not have to sacrifice security in order to easily access innovative new products and APIs. You retain full control of where your data stays, while enjoying the functionality of our cloud based platform.

We also take care of the installation for you. In the past, banks have had to install their own systems in order to access new features, which can be complex and costly. With the gateway, you simply connect to our cloud from your network and we do the rest.

Further improvements to the gateway were rolled out in August and we will continue to update it, based on customer feedback, in the future.

Digitizing the way banks purchase fintech solutions

The FusionStore app marketplace provides access to hundreds of apps, but we know that there is always room to enhance the digital experience of buying solutions online, and have made several recent improvements:

  1. We have made it easier to identify the solutions that work best for you, with easier grouping and more categorization of products.
  2. We have introduced personas that enable us to tailor solutions to different functions within banks and organizations, such as business owner, business need, legal and security. Terms and conditions provided will also be tailored to these personas, to move away from T&Cs just being a box ticking exercise - making them relevant to the level of responsibility of the applicant.
  3. The LIBOR app has become our first fully digital product that can be trialed, purchased and connected through the marketplace. From the end of August you will be able to download this app - which gives you everything you need to calculate the latest LIBOR rates - try it out and then purchase, all online without needing any additional installation into existing systems.

We will also continue expanding the range of apps available in our marketplace, to provide our customers with the most relevant, efficient and innovative tech, that is easily searchable and accessible.

Investing in connections

But, expanding the range of our apps is only one of the ways we are using our leading position to connect as many banks and apps as possible. By continuing to invest in bringing more fintechs into our marketplace, we aim to help more banks access the technology they need to maximize efficiency and cost.

This investment in building our portfolio of products for banks to access, includes providing additional support to fintechs who join the platform.

The latest changes to our platform includes the addition of FAQs, the simplification of contractual terms and other ways to make it easier to onboard fintechs.

More apps from more vendors benefits all our network and we are also helping banks develop and enhance their own apps.

Your input

I am delighted to be sharing our recent updates with you, in this, the first of our new quarterly product update newsletters. In future updates, I will be revealing more of the exciting developments we will be making to the platform, as we continue to work closely with customers to understand their needs and challenges.

We speak regularly to our customers, through bodies such as our Customer Advisory Board, but also from feedback you provide directly to your account managers. We’d love to hear how the portal is working for you and if you have suggestions for any future improvements you’d like to see.

You can reach the team at, through your account manager, or via our Contact Us page.

As the Head of Product Management for, Gregory is responsible for defining the vision, strategy and roadmap of Finastra’s open innovation platform. Gregory joined the platform team in 2019 as a development lead, to accelerate the development of Open APIs across all lines of business within Finastra. Prior to joining the Platform team, Gregory has held multiple roles throughout his 16 years at Finastra, including leading development for the commodities trading systems, joining the Fusion Invest team as a Senior Product Manager, and overseeing the delivery centers for the Global Services organization. Gregory holds a PhD. in Mathematics and web ranking algorithmics.

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