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Platformification in banking: new business models

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Changing customer needs really tested the digital capabilities of financial institutions in 2020, spurring a huge acceleration in the pace of digital transformation across the industry. If banks and credit unions don’t already have a clear strategy for how to keep pace with tech innovation in today’s rapidly evolving financial services landscape, they need to put one in place. Fast.

Corporate banking APIs: Opening new horizons

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This whitepaper examines the role and importance of open APIs in enabling corporate Open Banking services, and how banks are approaching the industry-wide transition towards exposing corporate open APIs.

7 keys to winning with data

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Finastra invites you to watch an on demand webinar around how best to package data to maximize the potential of digital innovation. Explore how a data ecosystem, actionable insights, and connected experiences make your financial institution ready for the future.

5 digital trends driving the future of customer experiences in financial services

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In an increasingly competitive financial services market, customer experience is becoming a key driver of retention, growth and competitive advantage. As account holders expect more from their financial institutions, providers will need to keep up. Luckily, Fintech apps could be the key to adapting.

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