Behind the Hype LIVE: Building an AI app into deployment

Behind the Hype: Building an AI app into deployment

Behind the Hype is a new series of events breaking down overhyped topics in fintech; this session will be about deploying an AI model!

During the session we share a practical proof of concept that Finastra has worked on, using natural language processing (NLP) with the Finastra Payment Initiation API.

First, data-scientist Ivy Yoo, shows you step by step how she's developed the NLP model, starting with data generation, data cleaning, developing and training the model, and then testing it.

Second, Pierre Quemard, innovation principal, shares with you what needs to be done to deploy the model, and call one of the payment APIs.

Ryan Clifford is the Developer Relations Lead for, Finastra’s open development platform solution. He is passionate about building the fintech and developer community and helping the ecosystem to connect into

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