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Finastra Universe 2021: Focus on our platform

For the first time ever, as part of our flagship event, Finastra Universe, we will host two Platform centric streams for fintechs and developers to further accelerate adoption of our open developer platform.

Finastra Universe

Finastra Universe is our global executive event focused on fintech and the future of financial services. Every year, we invite industry experts and our 9,000+ customers, from hundreds of community banks to 90 out of the top 100 financial institutions globally, to attend dozens of insight-packed sessions about the latest trends impacting our global financial services industry and fintech ecosystem.

Finastra Universe 2021: Accelerating through change

This year, Finastra Universe will be 100% virtual. We will be streaming 100+ sessions not only during the first two kick-off days of the event, on March 2 and 3, but for a month thereafter.

We have taken all the very best of Finastra Universe and remixed it to deliver vision sessions, solutions deep-dives and networking.

Finastra Universe 2021 combines live and on demand sessions. Enjoy live broadcasts, stream our content at your convenience and book a meeting with a Finastra expert. Platform at Finastra Universe
A few years ago, we made a strategic commitment to open up our solutions and lead the way in the platformication of banking.

Consequently, the story of our journey to open is embedded in most of our content, from our global keynote sessions and fireside chats to our Line of Business sessions, which will also feature a selection from our open APIs and apps available on our FusionStore.

You will discover how, our open platform for fintechs and developers, could help you to foster innovation by building your own apps or by leveraging our curated fintech ecosystem.

As of today, we have 147 APIs, 3 SPIs, 9 datasets and 35+ apps in our FusionStore. And we are constantly adding more building blocks to empower our fintech ecosystem.

For the first time this year, we will also host two dedicated streams of content tailored to our app producers.

Fintech stream

This stream is tailored to any fintechs interested in partnering with us.

We will talk you through our:

  • Platform onboarding workflow
  • Use cases and APIs
  • Partner and app validation process
  • Commercial models
  • Focus on security, via our partnership with Synopsys

Developer stream

This stream is tailored to any developers interested in leveraging our APIs, Service Provider Interfaces and datasets.

We will cover the following topics:

  • DevOps best practices enabling continuous delivery
  • access patterns and optimal ways to access data
  • Our solutions and expertise on data science, AI and Machine Learning
  • Showcasing our developer experience
  • Fostering open innovation: focus on our global hackathon: Hack to the Future

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Christophe Langlois is Global Fintech & Developer Ecosystem Marketing Lead. His responsibilities include engaging with the global fintech ecosystem and foster the onboarding of new and existing fintech partners. Prior to joining Finastra, Christophe was the CMO of The Fintech Power 50, a global fintech programme helping its members to accelerate their growth globally. Christophe is also recognized as a top fintech influencer and he has been invited to deliver industry keynotes at 100+ events globally

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