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Finastra offers commercial incentives to broaden its App Marketplace, powered by

Since the launch of our platform in May 2019, Finastra has unlocked innovation by fostering open collaboration within an ecosystem of development partners. Our platform opens up our core systems via APIs to all players in the financial services ecosystem – banks, fintechs and system integrators.

New financial incentives
We are offering some exciting commercial incentives to the first 100 new applications published on our App Marketplace by May 31, 2021. These include:

  • $10K onboarding incentive upon the successful publication of your app
  • Security validation process will be covered by Finastra (value of $5k)
  • A more favorable revenue sharing model in 2021
In the last 18 months, our team has been hard at work augmenting the range of essential building blocks needed to enable more fintechs globally to connect to our market leading banking solutions;  from retail banking and lending to payments, corporate banking and treasury and capital markets.

As of today, we have 147 APIs, 3 SPIs, 9 datasets and 40 apps in our app marketplace which is available to our broad client base, including 90 of the world’s top 100 banks.

We invite you to find more about our platform ecosystem, Fusion Data Cloud and our collaborative approach to open innovation.


  • By end of February, 2021: you must be registered and actively working to integrate your solution
  • By early April: present your PoCs to Finastra using our APIs
  • By May 31: successfully complete our validation process and be live on the FusionStore

Conditions to qualify for our onboarding incentives
Your application should:

  1. Leverage our existing building blocks (platform APIs, SPIs and datasets)
    In the event of a compelling app that cannot be built on our existing APIs, it will be considered for publication on a case-by-case basis, but will not be eligible for incentives.
  2. Meet the Finastra requirements to be published on our FusionStore
    Your app needs to pass our use case due diligence process and demonstrate connection to our sandboxes. You will also need to provide all required information for marketing purposes and pass the relevant compliance checks typically required from technology providers to the financial services industry.

Please note:

  • The onboarding incentive will be paid directly to the first 100 fintechs whose app has met all the conditions above
  • Finastra retains the right to remove any apps from the validation process that are unproven, not complementary to, or directly competing with Finastra’s activity; we believe that these circumstances will be unlikely but in the event they arise, Finastra will provide feedback early in the process   
  • The security validation and final insurance checks will be required once the app is in a sale process
  • The security waiver will be applied upon completion of the security validation process
  • Finastra’s terms and conditions for participation in the App Marketplace can be found here: Developer Terms and Conditions |

Who can participate?
All fintechs and, tech companies are welcome to participate in this incentive program.

The eligibility criteria to promote applications on our FusionStore are:

  • Area of expertise in the financial technology space
  • Focus on B2B
  • Executive team in place and complete
  • Proven product or solution that is complementary to Finastra’s existing solutions
  • Ability to scale
  • Ability to use Finastra APIs, SPIs or datasets in one of the Finastra lines of business (corporate banking, payment, treasury and capital market, lending, North America community market, retail banking).

Call to action
We invite you to REGISTER TODAY to our developer portal and discover our API Catalog.

If you have any questions about our onboarding incentive program, please email:

For technical questions, please visit the Q&A section on our Community Hub where our technical team will be happy to support you.

We very much look forward to partnering with you.

Best regards,


Philip Taliaferro is Head of Partnerships and Fintech Ecosystem for Finastra’s platform. His responsibilities include sourcing and development partnerships and leading go-to-market for the platform. Prior to joining Finastra, Philip was Head of Strategy for EMEA and Asia-Pacific at Broadridge Financial Solutions. Previous roles at Broadridge included corporate strategy, M&A, product management and general management.

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