Retail Banking, FFDC, APIs – The New-Normal of customer onboarding Post Covid-19 – Webinar on Demand

Behind the Hype: Customer onboarding post COVID-19

With Covid-19 accelerating the need to digitally transform, banks must harness their resources and steer their operations towards a new operating model and customer onboarding.  A model that need to delivers a highly relevant customer experience, and ensure banks are ensuring the right customers and full identification is carried out with the help of the right technology.

  1. In this session we will aim to answer the following questions:
  2. What does the 'new-normal' look like?
  3. How can banks ensure they are onboarding the right customer?
  4. How can banks ensure full identification is carried out?
  5. Why APIs help to verify identity?
  6. How developers play an important part on the customer journey

Ramy Elkhoulany , Principal Product Manager, Finastra
Twan Burghouts, Senior Presales and Integration Lead, Uniken
Ryan Clifford, Developer Relations Lead, Finastra

Ryan Clifford is the Developer Relations Lead for, Finastra’s open development platform solution. He is passionate about building the fintech and developer community and helping the ecosystem to connect into

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