Best practices for compliance and fraud prevention in a real-time world

As the U.S. continues along the path towards immediate payments, many banks have chosen to begin their real-time payments journey by implementing ‘receive only’, leaving them unable to initiate payments for their customers and unlock the true potential of this new payment type.

Questions around how fraud prevention and compliance will work in a real-time world are giving pause, but the payment providers that take a customer-centric approach to addressing these challenges will position themselves to be trusted providers, generating new revenue from differentiated value-added services.

Join Finastra, NetGuardians, and FinCom.Co for this webcast and Q&A on how banks can overcome the fraud and compliance hurdles associated with RTP. Key themes and questions to be discussed:

  • Common misconceptions around integrating a real-time payments solution.
  • How new screening legislation will impact transaction volumes and what you can do about it.
  • How AI and cloud technology are replacing ‘old’ rule-based fraud solutions.

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