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Date: 17 May - 22 May 2019
Location: London, UK

Fintech apps of the future


When it comes to bringing innovation to the world of banking and finance, what sort of apps might we see in years to come, and what areas are potentially ripe for development?

Five top tips for Fintech app developers


As more banks look to distribute new Fintech apps that integrate with core banking services as part of their platform strategies, opportunities for developers to respond with new apps are on the ri

Data - it's what you do with it that counts

What you do with data
The volume, variety and velocity of data created in the digital age is making data usage a strategic priority for banks of all sizes. Data is often described as the ‘new currency’, and rightly so, as the ability to create value from this ever-growing resource will determine future success.

Five DevOps Trends for 2019

Five DevOps Trends for 2019
DevOps as an approach to software development has become widely established over the last nine years. Bringing the development and IT operations functions together has brought many benefits in the form of better communication and increased collaboration and we’ve seen a range of new tools and disciplines emerging to support the movement. Looking ahead, I’d like to explore five DevOps trends on the horizon for 2019.

The Innovation Game

The Innovation Game
Banks are facing up to the challenges of the digital age. But legacy systems remain a hindrance to innovation. How are banks addressing this challenge to deliver innovation at the speed that customers expect?