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High Five
It has now been just over a year since we officially launched at FusionONE, our developer conference last May, and what an action-packed year it has been!

An Introduction to - Unlocking Innovation in Financial Services
The model for banking innovation is changing. Find out how, Finastra's open innovation platform, can help build the future of financial services.

Improving customer success: mobile approvals and beyond

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Corporate treasurers and finance heads make essential decisions every day. Appzillion accelerates that process by bringing together the data and tools they need in one place. Discover how Appzillion helps your customers quickly approve transactions, manage workflows and fix bottlenecks.

Scaling customer service instantly with conversational AI

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Discover how One for Corporate Banking’s conversational AI instantly scales your customer service.With smart, pre-built use cases, you can have natural dialogues with users over multiple conversational channels. It’s fast, flexible and fully customizable.

How APIs reduce risk in fintech partnerships

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The global pandemic has already pushed millions of customers to make their first-ever digital transaction, while others are increasing their use of online banking and contactless payments. Find out how APIs can be the so promising solution.

How platform fits niche banking

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Differentiate your digital banking with fintech partners on Get an overview of our app ecosystem to meet your account holders needs.