From Microsoft Build to 9,000 Banks

From Microsoft Build to 9,000 Banks

Open-source development, AI and cloud were the dominating topics at Microsoft Build this year. Some developers were lucky enough to get along to the Washington State Convention Center. The rest of us tuned in online.

Now that we’ve have had some time to digest the new technologies, it can be difficult to determine next steps for using them. What are the sectors and industries that could benefit from the implementation of these technologies? Are they ready? How difficult is it going to be navigate your way through the layers of decision makers?

As you think about where to invest your time, consider this blunt statement: the financial services industry is in dire need of innovation. Banks, lenders and investment firms need your help, now.

The prevalence of legacy systems has restricted development in this industry for too long. Steep learning curves and system integration issues drove up costs and risks to the point that they outweighed opportunity.

Well that’s set to change. The financial services industry is on the verge of quite a significant shift.

In a matter of days, we will release, giving you the opportunity to start developing apps that work with the legacy systems at more than 9,000 global financial firms using low-code tools and the languages you prefer.

What is is a platform powered by Microsoft Azure that connects developers with financial organizations. It includes FusionCreator, FusionOperate and FusionStore.  

  • FusionCreator is an easy-to-use, low-code development platform with REST APIs that enable the development of apps that seamlessly integrate with Finastra core systems and applications.
  • FusionOperate is a PaaS environment sitting in Microsoft Azure for designing, building, testing and running apps.
  • FusionStore is an online marketplace of apps created by people like you that global banks and financial service companies can immediately consume.

Who is Finastra?

We have developed solutions for the financial services industry for years. Our products are used by 48 of the world’s top 50 banks. Nearly half of the world’s syndicated loans are supported by our FusionBanking Loan IQ product.

Connecting the dots between Azure and

With, you have the APIs and services required for developing and selling apps to global financial organizations. Couple that with your knowledge of Azure services, and you’re in business.

For example, using FusionFabric.Cloud and Azure services such as Blockchain Workbench and Machine Learning, you can create apps that:

  • Automate paper-based workflows between lending organizations
  • Pinpoint fraud
  • Deliver customizable service bots  
  • Give customers more control over payments using their mobile devices

Initial APIs in FusionCreator communicate with FusionBanking Equation, Global PAYPlus and DecisionPro.

Why is getting so much attention? saves time and cuts risk. In addition to being able to use Azure services, you can take advantage of low-code tools such as Fusion UXP for UI design, FusionFabric.Connect for ETL, and Flow Editor for workflow design and execution. And if you are familiar with open source technologies such as Node-RED, Redis and NoSQL you can use those as well.

FusionCreator also provides a sandbox for testing. It includes core Finastra solutions and rich test data from all financial segments including retail.

From the FusionStore, you can tap into a global ecosystem of Fintechs, partners, universities and banks. Any app you post in the store is instantly promoted to the 9,000+ Finastra clients who are looking for solutions as well as potential partners and employees.

Keep your momentum from Build

The opportunities for innovation in financial services are endless and urgent. will go live on June 5th, 2018.

Matthew Laskowski is a New Ventures Consultant at Finastra, the world's third largest financial technology company. He is a new member of the platform team,,which is designed to maximize the potential of open banking and tap into the vast fintech ecosystem. The platform allows third-party developers to build and sell applications directly to Finastra's client base of over 9,000 financial institutions. Previously he worked as a data scientist within a bank's Center of Excellence for Synchrony Financial, as a financial controller for Walmart, and was part of their Ecommerce strategy in China. Growing up in Asia, he is HSK 4 certified in Mandarin and holds a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering and a masters of science in Computer Science. He is passionate about Machine Learning and Big Data having studied these at university.