A single stop method to promote and sell your applications in all financial marketplaces.

Now you have created an app, it’s time to monetize your work

Promotion, sales and payment are all managed through your FusionStore account.

Build a profile in FusionStore.

Create a presence in FusionStore which can be seen by banks and financial institutions worldwide. Simple tools help you to best present your expertise and explain your app to a global marketplace.


Quality assurance.

All apps are reviewed to ensure compliance, performance and stability. This feedback helps developers to improve the quality of their apps, and gives customers confidence in the apps they purchase.

Quality assurance - 600x364

Marketing your app.

FusionStore provides a shop window in every financial centre worldwide. Using the store’s features each app’s description can be searched and found by thousands of banks. User reviews prove the effectiveness of each app.


Simple, fast payment.

FusionStore will shield developers from needing to handle billing and payment processing in multiple currencies and legal jurisdictions. Once a customer completes a purchase, Finastra will handle collection and payment processing to the developer.

Simple, fast payment - 600x364

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