Neoflex launches NeoLimits app on Finastra’s

App delivers a cloud-based solution that enables flexible limits control for Asset Liability Management, Regulatory and Internal Compliance metrics

Russia, Moscow, December 13th, 2021: Neoflex, a fintech that creates IT platforms for digital business transformation, today announced that its NeoLimits application is available for purchase through Finastra’s FusionStore. The application enables financial institutions to set and control banking book limits including Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB), counterparty, country and industry limits, as well as limits for various indicators such as Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR), Net Interest Income (NII) and Economic Value (EVE).

Going live on FusionStore marks the final stage of the app development journey for firms using Finastra’s open development cloud platform, The FusionStore marketplace enables Finastra’s customers worldwide to access, test, purchase and deploy certified apps on top of Finastra core systems, helping them quickly realize the benefits and deliver added value to their customers.

Built on Finastra’s industry-leading core technologies and harnessing an extensive catalog of open APIs, NeoLimits is a cloud-based solution that helps financial institutions collect and analyze internal and regulatory risk metrics. The app, which is pre-integrated with Finastra solutions and easily integrated with 3rd parties via open APIs, offers a fully automated limit control process from data import to report generation, as well as limit events notification, prospective modelling and four eyes approval workflow.

Anton Lazebnyy, Associated Partner, Head of Capital Markets and Risk Management Technology practice at Neoflex, commented, "Recent crises including the COVID-19 pandemic have increased compliance demands on banks and financial institutions. The number of metrics they need to monitor and analyze has expanded tremendously. Our application helps banks to monitor processes and achieve a holistic view of banking book limit management. Being part of the platform enables us to reach a greater number of financial institutions with our NeoLimits app, empowering them to evaluate risks associated with the banking book instantaneously, execute cross-risk mitigation strategies, and dynamically adjust limits.”

Philip Taliaferro, Head of Partner and Fintech Ecosystem at Finastra, said, “We’re excited that Neoflex has joined our ecosystem, with the launch of its NeoLimits app in our FusionStore. This powerful solution will give bank management teams greater control of the compliance process and can help to greatly reduce the risk of regulatory penalties.”

Using Finastra’s open APIs, developers can create solutions that address business challenges across the financial services spectrum, including retail banking, payments, transaction banking, corporate banking, lending, treasury and capital markets.

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