Beauceron Security Awareness Training & Phishing app launched on Finastra’s

The app helps organizations empower team members to make informed decisions and reduce cyber risk

Fredericton, Canada – 31st March 2022: Beauceron Security, a scale-up focused on tackling the human aspects of cybersecurity, today announced that the Beauceron Security Awareness Training & Phishing Platform is available for purchase through Finastra’s FusionStore. The platform enables financial institutions to positively change behavior and help people understand more about cybersecurity to reduce risk.

Going live on FusionStore marks the final stage of the platform development journey for firms using Finastra’s open development cloud platform, The FusionStore marketplace enables Finastra’s customers worldwide to access, test, purchase and deploy certified apps and platforms on top of Finastra core systems, helping them quickly realize the benefits and deliver added value to their customers.

Chris McGinn, Partner Relationship Manager at Beauceron Security said, “Being a part of Finastra's industry-leading online marketplace enables us to better serve the financial services ecosystem – providing organizations with a new approach to managing cyber risk through positively changing human behavior.”

Beauceron Security recognized that phishing simulations, risk scores, computer-based training and surveys do not work to combat risk when they happen in isolation. As a result, the company developed a customizable comprehensive platform that enables organizations to empower employees to be their best first line of defense against cyber threats. The platform delivers real-time reporting and effortless automation, providing the context needed to help make more effective cyber risk-related decisions. These decisions are based on meaningful, personal and organizational risk scores that teams can understand and improve.

Philip Taliaferro, Head of Partner and Fintech Ecosystem at Finastra, said, “Banks and financial institutions face increasing cyber security threats, along with rising regulatory interest in instituting appropriate controls and risk mitigation. Beauceron Security helps enable institutions to strengthen their first line of defense – their employees – by improving training, compliance and reporting through a platform experience that drives gamification, governance and risk metrics. We welcome Beauceron Security to our fintech ecosystem.”

Using Finastra’s open APIs, developers can create solutions that address business challenges across the financial services spectrum, including retail banking, payments, transaction banking, corporate banking, lending, treasury and capital markets. Visit FusionStore for more information:

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Beauceron Security helps organizations execute cybersecurity awareness programs that empower team members to make better decisions and reduce their cyber risk. Through a positive, automated approach to cybersecurity awareness and training, Beauceron Security enables teams to make cybersafe decisions that deliver better results 4x faster than market leaders. Platform users have experienced an 85% decrease in phishing simulation clicks, 99% increase in emails reported and 11% decrease in ignores in just 90 days. With over 450 clients worldwide, Beauceron Security is proud to work with some of North America's largest and most heavily regulated financial institutions and telecoms, as well as government organizations and business enterprises of all sizes. Find more information at

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