Welcome to FusionFabric.cloud

It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to FusionFabric.cloud, a platform for open innovation and collaboration between Fintechs, banks, students, independent developers, system integrators, consultants and more.

The FusionFabric architecture was born out of our own digital transformation at Finastra, enabling us to leverage the richness of our IP across all products lines, and be able to use the latest technology to allow our internal developers to spark innovation without being constrained by legacy tools.

The next logical step was to open the platform to the world and move it to the cloud, so that third parties can develop on top of our architecture. We began this journey a few years back and now we are accelerating innovation for 9,000 banks and financial institutions and giving Fintechs and individual developers access to a global marketplace.

Since then we have invested a lot of energy and passion to deliver a great developer experience. Our early adopter program has really helped to shape the tools of the platform into the robust and proven low-code environment it is today.

You can explore the Open APIs available and use them directly with your favorite language or tools, use our low-code platform to prepare the data you need, manage business flow and build applications with a fantastic user experience. You can even build pricing models that will take advantage of HPC, and test how they behave with stress tests and scenarios, all from your browser.

And this is just the beginning. Our vision is to be the #1 open platform for innovation in the world of financial services. We believe FusionFabric.cloud is making this possible.

This website outlines the three core components within FusionFabric.cloud including: FusionCreator, FusionStore and FusionOperate, and you can check out our video tutorials and developer documentation here too.

We look forward to you joining us on this exciting journey. Let’s collaborate to innovate!

Félix Grévy leads the Product Management team for FusionFabric.Cloud, Finastra’s open development platform solution. He is passionate about new technology and digital transformation. Félix has worked in the financial services industry for 20 years and has held various roles in development, sales and business developments. He holds an engineering degree in telecommunications from Sup Galilée in Paris.