All change? Crossing the tracks to banking's magical new age

Really, what does platformification mean? Companies we use every day like Google, Amazon, Airbnb use platforms to create easy, fun, user experiences. It’s happening in banking, too. An open banking ecosystem brings to life data that allows you to enter into a world of previously unthought of possibilities.

Platformification is simply about making it easier to bring account holders new, innovative technology. An open banking platform breathes life into your offerings. It gives you access to powerful data analytics and insights, allowing for more personalized and relevant customer experiences.

Ecosystem players bring new perspectives and therefore more diverse solutions. Evolving doesn’t require fairy dust. It’s simply another step in a long history of banking.

In our new read we look at the platform economy and how Open APIs enable value-added experiences to boost loyalty. Consumers are wired for convenience, are you?

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