The 5,000 foot view of developing an app on

The 5,000 foot view of developing an app on!

I sat down with Davide Appiano from the product team to hear how easy it is to develop, publish and commercialize apps using

Mitesh: What’s your role at Finastra?

Davide: I’m a product manager for My two biggest projects are FusionCreator, which is a platform for developing applications, and FusionStore, which is where those apps are sold.

Mitesh: What do I need to do to start developing apps for the FusionStore?

Davide: Sign up for an account on the website. After you receive your credentials, you can log into the FusionCreator developer environment. There, you can access the APIs that provide connectivity to Finastra systems and applications. You’ll also be able to access a set of tools for coding, UI development, reporting and other services—along with documentation and tutorials.

Mitesh: Are low code tools available?

Davide: Yes. One supports flow programming, to build what we call the light business logic. And there is a powerful UI tool that allows you to rapidly scaffold web dashboards, which are basically the UI of your app.

Mitesh: It sounds like a lot of my work is automated with

Davide: It is. You still need to write the code for your service but our APIs make it easy to integrate your service with our apps. And our tools help optimize performance and design an intuitive interface.

Mitesh: What kinds of systems and applications can I connect with using the APIs in FusionCreator?

Davide: Finastra is a huge software company created from the combination of Misys and D+H. It offers a very extensive suite of software for the financial services industry that covers almost everything from retail banking to investment management applications.

Mitesh: Are there any restrictions around which devices I can develop apps for?

Davide: No. Our API can be consumed by apps running on any device: iPhone, Android, desktop and other devices through the web. The apps developed with our tools will run in the environment of our customers.

Mitesh: Could you elaborate on the different apps that are in in development?

Davide: We currently have more than 20 different apps being developed by our partners. Let me take you through two recent examples::

An app providing voice-control services for our core banking system. When some of our banking clients adopt it, their consumers will be able to use devices such as Alexa from Amazon or Google Home to get information about their accounts using speech.

Another app providing portfolio optimization services for traders or portfolio managers who use our IBOR software, or Investment Book of Records. Our IBOR solution allows them to evaluate and buy shares but it does not provide recommendations about what you should sell and buy to improve your portfolio. The app that’s in development does.

Mitesh: After I submit an app, how long will it take for it to be available in the store?

Davide: That depends on many factors including the app itself and the number of submissions in review. We perform a security check on each one to make sure the app complies with our security policies and passes our internal safety checks.

Mitesh: What can I do to make sure my app gets published?

Davide: We value the IP of our contributors so we don’t impose restrictions on what gets published. The important thing is that the application is stable and passes all relevant security checks.

Mitesh: Once my app is in the store, how does Finastra help with commercializing it?

Davide: We want to create a successful market. We will put significant sales effort into apps that we think can solve problems for our clients and that complement, our existing solutions.

What’s important to know is that Finastra has more than 9,000 clients. By publishing an app in our store you’re reaching them for free. The most interesting and useful apps will start selling and the best ones will get the highest ratings.

This platformification model is a win-win. Developers and fintechs can focus on what they do best and our customers get more options for overcoming their challenges and improving services.

Mitesh Soni is a Senior Director of Innovation and Fintech at Finastra, the world’s third largest financial technology company. He is a global banking industry expert with more than 20 years’ experience driving business transformation, digital disruption, and business model redefinition. He has spent a number of years in the risk management and trading technologies space holding a Financial Risk Manager qualification from the Global Association of Risk Managers. Previous experience includes roles at HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and many others. He is also an investor, advisor and Fintech mentor with an active interest in building fintech community ecosystems. He is passionate about digital transformation, innovation and disruption through partnerships and creative investment strategies.

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