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An Open Banking Platform to accelerate innovation

Financial Institutions are redefining their bank operating models to become customer-first, while fintechs and developers are searching for new routes to market. An open banking platform utilizes APIs that allow different products and solutions to work together in inspiring new ways.

A one-stop portal that is flexible and scalable makes financial institutions more agile, competitive, and generates growth. Customize the services your customers need and provide the cutting edge technology we all expect in our digital experiences. From Retail Banking, Payments, Lending, Corporate Banking and Treasury & Capital Markets access Finastra’s breadth of proven banking solutions. Be ready today and fit for the future.

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Create an app

Are you a developer or fintech looking to disrupt the market? Or a financial institution looking to build new innovations for your clients? Access APIs from Finastra’s core systems to start developing new apps or integrating your existing apps.

1. Discover available APIs in the API Catalog
2. Build your app using the developer portal
3. Monetize your app on FusionStore

Consume an app

Are you a financial institution struggling to achieve ROI from fintech collaboration? Benefit from rapid integration of Finastra-approved, independently-validated fintechs already connected to your Finastra core systems. Bring innovation to your customers and processes faster, more efficiently.

1. Explore available solutions on FusionStore
2. Obtain more information with our App Factsheets
3. Contact the app creator via FusionStore
4. Consume the app via Finastra

Sample APIs

Consumer Banking

Customer & Accounts Management

Set of APIs that enable to connect account holder data and third-party services to enhance consumer banking experience

Corporate Banking

Corporate Funds Transfer and Approvals

Funds transfer requests from corporate to their beneficiaries


Mortgage Loan Origination

Create new mortgage applications from CRM systems, and providing current rate and loan status information

Treasury and Capital Markets

Portfolio Optimization

Services for investment portfolio optimization under various constraints


Creditor Payment Request

Payment Request services for real-time payments: includes the ability to send requests to pay, search for requests and load them, and obtain scheme names and calendar days

Consumer Banking

US Consumer Banking

Services for accessing account holder data and addressing the needs of a financial institution's customer

Unlock developer productivity by using tools to work more efficiently and improve effectiveness.

  • Create applications faster
  • Test your applications with sandboxes
  • Learn with informative tutorials
  • Leverage developer resources
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Enable collaborative innovation by working to solve the challenges of banks and their customers.

  • Help re-engineer the world of financial services
  • Share ideas for problem solving
  • Respond to specific requests for solutions
  • Learn from shared best practices
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Deploy effortlessly from the cloud using the strengths of the Microsoft Azure capabilities for security and stability.

  • Enable automated infrastructure deployment
  • Leading edge data security provisions built-in
  • Benefit from proven security capabilities
  • Robust data encryption controls
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Monetize your unique application through the FusionStore marketplace.

  • Promote your app to Finastra customers worldwide
  • Sell apps without needing to build a global sales team
  • Automated payments for every app sold
  • Distribute and deploy direct from the cloud

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